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Letting boys be boys: Trans misrepresentation in 3 Generations

I watched and am about to discuss a mediocre coming-of-age transgender male dramedy that nobody saw so you don’t have to: Gaby Dellal’s 3 Generations. Let’s get a couple things out in the open beforehand. First, I am a cis … Continue reading

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No sugarcoating Laura Jane Grace’s memoir

Today’s upsurge in fictional and nonfictional transgender narratives represents the demographic in myriad ways. Some works are intelligent, some thoughtless. Some good, some troubled. Through both the good and the bad, there is a remarkable tendency to simplify what it … Continue reading

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Listening to Beyond Magenta: Transgender Teens Speak Out

Transcribing an oral account is tricky because the author has to maintain the voice of their interviewee while at the same time making it readable. Mark Twain had a cynical view on transcription, calling it twaddle: “The moment ‘talk’ is put … Continue reading

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Reed Erickson

“In addition to being a successful businessman, [wealthy female-to-male transgendered philanthropist Reed Erickson] was a nudist, New Age spiritualist, and recreational drug user. He flew his own planes, once sold his private yacht to Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro, kept a … Continue reading

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