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Review – Harbinger Island by Dorian Dawes

Review by Bryan Cebulski (@BryanOnion) Harbinger Island is available on Amazon Kindle for $6.95. Recently I’ve felt that, as a critic, I have an obligation to approach critique differently when dealing with small-scale content. I know I should allow that … Continue reading

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No sugarcoating Laura Jane Grace’s memoir

Today’s upsurge in fictional and nonfictional transgender narratives represents the demographic in myriad ways. Some works are intelligent, some thoughtless. Some good, some troubled. Through both the good and the bad, there is a remarkable tendency to simplify what it … Continue reading

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The “Bury Your Gays” Trope and Me

Lately I’ve been wondering about my novella It Helps with the Blues, whether or not it might bear significance to anyone aside from me and a few people close to me. It is young adult literature geared toward a queer audience, … Continue reading

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On Not Being Gay

From about the time I was fourteen till just a couple years ago, my sexual identity was strictly delineated as “gay”. I now say that term can go fuck itself and the whole concept of binaries along with it. I … Continue reading

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Parrotfish by Ellen Wittlinger: Too perfect fiction

I don’t know what to make of novels that show the world as just a bit too perfect. This is what I’m struggling with in Parrotfish. This transgender-themed bildungsroman forms a narrative in which bad things happen to bad people and … Continue reading

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I Love You, Man… with a Firm Handshake: Quelling Homoeroticism in Die Hard

I once wrote an essay for a class on American masculinity in film about how the male characters in Die Hard avoid seeming gay. Here it is in all its way-too-in-depth glory. “I Love You, Man… with a Firm Handshake: … Continue reading

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Listening to Beyond Magenta: Transgender Teens Speak Out

Transcribing an oral account is tricky because the author has to maintain the voice of their interviewee while at the same time making it readable. Mark Twain had a cynical view on transcription, calling it twaddle: “The moment ‘talk’ is put … Continue reading

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