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“It’s not racist because…”: How context doesn’t save racist media

Never underestimate the lengths to which we will go to make racism palatable. Sometimes it doesn’t even feel purposeful, rather like we are subconsciously perpetuating the status quo while thinking that we have our hearts in the right place. Consider … Continue reading

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Letting boys be boys: Trans misrepresentation in 3 Generations

I watched and am about to discuss a mediocre coming-of-age transgender male dramedy that nobody saw so you don’t have to: Gaby Dellal’s 3 Generations. Let’s get a couple things out in the open beforehand. First, I am a cis … Continue reading

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Cinemasculinity #2: John McClane (Die Hard) – Shownotes

In which we take a look at the 1988 action-adventure film Die Hard and see a right-leaning libertarian masculine model in John McClane. Script: Click here Sources: Cohen, Paul. “Cowboys Die Hard: Real Men and Businessmen in the Reagan-Era Blockbuster”. Jeffords, Susan. … Continue reading

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Cinemasculinity #1: Fox Mulder (The X-Files) – Shownotes

Below are the shownotes to the first episode of the Cinemasculinity podcast. Check out the links on the sidebar of this blog to get the episode itself!

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The Cinemasculinity Podcast

Hurray! I’ve launched a podcast. It’s called the Cinemasculinity podcast and will follow my explorations of how masculinity has been represented in American movies and media. The first episode is on The X-Files’ Fox Mulder. For the time being, I’ll … Continue reading

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Martin Ritt’s Hombre: Centering Decentralized Whiteness

My dad and I watched Martin Ritt’s Hombre the other night. A 1974 countercultural western starring Paul Newman as the hombre in question, I noticed that it works fascinatingly as documentation of how whiteness is centered even in attempts to … Continue reading

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