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The problem with Darknet

After watching the first two episodes of Canadian horror web series Darknet (spoilers for the first two episodes of Darknet to follow, by the way) I’ve concluded that they are really, really disappointing. It’s not even because every plot is dependent upon the main character making unrealistically … Continue reading

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Sideways, white guy problems, and unlikable protagonists

A while ago I watched the movie Sideways as part of a get-together with members of my school’s literary magazine. Nobody else enjoyed it. One girl remarked that it was just “white guy problems.” A guy concurred with her, explaining … Continue reading

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Heroines to Watch Out For #6: Samantha Everett

Name: Samantha Everett Game(s): Gray Matter Creator: Jane Jensen Sam is a magician from Washington D.C. who, while traveling abroad through the English countryside on her way to London, gets misdirected and winds up near Oxford. Her motorcycle breaks down outside … Continue reading

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Gameplay innovation: Have dinner with the old lady across the hall

(I’ve only just started Always Sometimes Monsters, so this isn’t a review. Not really even a first impression. More an observation about videogames in general.) Always Sometimes Monsters is an, uh, life simulator or something. You walk around, talk to people, try … Continue reading

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It Helps with the Blues and Other Stories: The ebook is up! Hello everybody! So once upon a time I wrote a novella and a bunch of short stories. Not knowing what else to do with them, I’ve published them as an ebook on Amazon. Generally these stories are about young … Continue reading

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Americana Dawn: Kickstart and greenlight!

Support time! My friend has been chipping away at this game for years now, shifting through teams and juggling numerous jobs to support themselves. At last they have developed enough to advertise the game’s potential. It’s called Americana Dawn and is … Continue reading

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Daphne Du Maurier, Flight of the Falcon book cover

  I promised myself that I wouldn’t buy any more books while I’m studying abroad and I also thought I would be finished with Daphne du Maurier for a while. BUT THIS COVER ART IS SO NICE.

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