The Blackwell Series


“At the center of Blackwell are its protagonists: Rosangela ‘Rosa’ Blackwell and Joey Mallone. Rosangela is the current medium in the Blackwell lineage, a trait passed down through the women of the family. The medium’s job is to help lost spirits, who haunt their old houses and hangouts unaware or unaccepting of their demise. They make them come to terms and pass on to the next world. Along for the ride is her spirit guide – in the Blackwell bloodline, it’s Joey – a ghost who remains temporally bonded to the medium in order to help her assuage the ghosts.”

My article is up on HG101!


About Bryan Cebulski

Writer. Cis queer. History, masculinity, media. Point-and-click adventure protagonist. He/Him/His. Collects bad habits like Jessica Rabbit.
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